Women on the Rise

A recent article by the Law Gazette said that women account for almost a third of new partners in the magic circle’s latest appointment round. Whilst this is higher than last year, of 91 promotions across the big five law firms only 32% were women.

Traditionally, the ‘Old Boys Network’ meant white middle class men dominated the legal profession, but will it always continue? According to The Law Society, in July 2013 48.6% of the 158,644 Solicitors on the Roll were women. This number could rise further still if we look at educational statistics in the industry as The Law Society also found that in 2012, 62.4% of students accepted onto University law degree courses were female.

Lawindexpro is ahead of the curve in the surge of female legal professionals with women making up three quarters of our employees. In fact: 9 out of our 14 solicitors are female (including a trainee); 3 out of 5 Directors are also women at the top of their fields; and Nicola Chard is our founder and Managing Director.

We pride ourselves on our progressive and modern approach to the law where the only thing which matters to us is how hard you’re willing to work to reach your goals. We hope to see an increasing number of female legal professionals in senior positions throughout the country which should appropriately reflect the evident rise of young women studying the law.