Spanish Wills

If you have property or any other assets in Spain and are a non-resident that lives in the UK then it is highly advised that you make a Spanish Will to protect how your Estate is administered, regardless of whether or not you have a UK Will.

Why should you have a Spanish Will?

If you are a resident in Spain then upon your death you would be required to equally administer your Estate between all of your heirs. This of course may not be what you wish to happen and although Spanish law allows for inheritance laws in a persons native country to be applied, it is better to make sure that you are covered and that your beneficiaries have easier access to your Estate. More specifically, English law states that property laws in the country that the property is situated must be followed.

Another problem with only having an English Will is that you have to wait for a Grant of Probate in the UK before your Spanish estate can be passed on to your heirs. Having a Will that deals exclusively with the Estate in Spain means that the matter can be instantly dealt with and you are more likely to be finished administering the Estate within the six month deadline before extra tax becomes due. This all means that having a Spanish Will can make the process less time consuming, cheaper to administer and save you from encountering problems when trying to administer the Estate between heirs.


How Lawindexpro can help

Our dedicated Spanish Solicitor can obtain all necessary information from the client and prepare the Will for the client for signing at a Notary Public. We will ensure that the document is legalised, send it for entering in the Wills Registry in Madrid and return the document to client.