Injunctions/Emergency Orders

Injunctions are emergency orders that can be granted by the courts. They are in place to protect partners from problems such as domestic violence and harassment. There are also orders to protect children against an abusive parent or protecting them against the parent running away with child.


Protection for children

An Emergency Protection Order can be applied for by anyone. If a child is suffering abuse or you feel that they are in imminent danger then you can submit a court application. This also includes fear of the child being abducted by a parent and the Emergency Protection Order will limit or remove the parental responsibility of the parent. You may feel that you have been wrongfully issued the order and as a result you should seek legal advice.


Domestic violence & harassment

You may be suffering abuse, harassment or threatening behavior from a partner or ex-partner then you can submit a non-molestation order to the court. This protection also applies to your children and will stop the abuser from both contacting and visiting you. A protection from harassment act order can also be applied for you fail to qualify for a non-molestation order. You might fail to qualify if the person is not a family member, partner or ex-partner.

If you want a partner or another family member removed from your home then you can stop them from entering with an occupation order. The order is usually a short-term measure however and does not impact on financial shares in the property.


How Lawindexpro can help

If you are worried that something awful is about to happen or you are in a bad situation then Lawindexpro Solicitors will help you at every stage of the process. We are with you every step of the way from filling out an injunction for the court; to representing you in court should the situation escalate that far.

We will also defend you if you have been wrongfully issued an order against you. Our Family lawyers will again help you through the process of court should a resolution between you and your partner not be found.