Ending a Civil Partnership

Dissolution order, separation order and annulment are legal processes used to end a civil partnership. Arrangements for finances and children can cause mountains of problems for couples that choose to part ways.


Grounds for ending a civil partnership

You can only end a civil partnership if you have good reasons for doing so. There are four grounds that will allow you to officially end the partnership.

  • Unreasonable behavior is one that qualifies as being grounds for ending. This can include but is not necessarily limited to: physical or mental cruelty, irresponsibility with money, being sexually unfaithful and verbal abuse
  • Desertion is grounds to end but you must give the date that they left and the circumstances
  • You have lived apart for more than 2 years (would require partner to agree to ending in writing)
  • You have lived apart for more than 5 years (usually enough to end without partner’s agreement in writing)


Which one is right for you?

·   A dissolution order can be submitted if your partnership has lasted for over a year

·   A separation order is for those who have been together for under a year

·   Annulment essentially voids your civil partnership and can be enacted if your partner does not meet certain conditions, for example, they may already be in a partnership with someone else.

If an agreement cannot be reached by you and your partner then you will need a solicitor. Between the two of you, you must be able to agree on the reason for dissolving the civil partnership, how children will be looked after and how finances and assets will be shared.


How Lawindexpro can help

Our Family Lawyers are here to help you through the process if you believe your Civil Partnership may have irretrievably broken down.

Lawindexpro Solicitors are able to help in several ways. We offer mediation services, which can help to achieve an agreement between you and your partner without the added time taken by court proceedings.

Should you and your partner be unable to come to an agreement over your separation via mediation we are able help you end your Civil Partnership through the courts.

When ending a Civil Partnership we will consider any children’s or financial needs. We ensure that arrangements and agreements are put in place to cover subjects such as Child Custody, Visitation Rights and Property and Asset ownership.

Throughout the process Lawindexpro will act on your behalf, in your best interests. We fight to achieve the results that you are looking for.