Family Law covers all legal issues connected to relationship breakdown including divorce and separation, division of assets and property, spousal and child maintenance claims, cohabitation agreements, pre-nuptial agreements, domestic abuse, child centered disputes about contact and residence, adoption and dissolution of civil partnerships. Whatever the matrimonial issue we’re here to help.


If you have divorced, separated or are a family member that has disputes over the upbringing of a child then it can be a difficult topic, especially during a heated time. Custody and contact arrangements that give the other parent


Divorce or separation can be a time of conflict and heartache. If you have decided to split you probably have all sorts of questions and worries about what the future holds and how to manage both the practicalities and the

Ending a Civil Partnership

Dissolution order, separation order and annulment are legal processes used to end a civil partnership. Arrangements for finances and children can cause mountains of problems for couples that choose to part ways.   Grounds for ending a civil partnership You can

Cohabitation/Living Together

A cohabitation agreement/contract or living together agreement is for couples living together who are not married or do not have a civil partnership. It sets out what each person will contribute financially in terms of living expenses, for example, mortgage

Prenuptial Agreements

What is a Prenup? A prenuptial agreement (or prenup) is a contract made between 2 people planning to marry. It sets out how they would plan to split their assets and income in the event of Divorce or Separation. What

Injunctions/Emergency Orders

Injunctions are emergency orders that can be granted by the courts. They are in place to protect partners from problems such as domestic violence and harassment. There are also orders to protect children against an abusive parent or protecting them