Employment Advice

We understand the enormous impact that problems at work can have on lives and for this reason our solicitors are focused on giving you straightforward, realistic and practical advice as and when you need it.

Employees traditionally feel alienated from management and are reluctant to raise their concerns with management for fear of jeopardising their employment or indeed future employment prospects. In reality opening and managing constructive dialogue between employers and employees can resolve matters and prevent them from escalating to the detriment of both the business and ultimately the employees as well. We have experience in managing employee/employer dialogue without the necessity of what can be costly Court or Tribunal proceedings.

When acting for small family run enterprises with typically one or possibly two owner managers, we can also facilitate and manage disciplinary and grievance hearings on your behalf ensuring a fair, quick, effective and impartial resolution of such matters. Grievances that are not addressed or managed effectively also have the potential to escalate into much larger (and costly) disputes ending up in the Employment Tribunal or the Courts and/or result in low staff morale which can and does affect productivity. It is therefore important to respond to employment related grievances and disputes quickly and effectively to ensure continued harmony in the work environment.

If you are simply unsure about the terms of a new employment contract or the employment package you have been offered, the terms of the termination of your contract (either voluntary or involuntary) reflected in a compromise agreement or you think you have been unfairly/wrongfully dismissed or unfairly treated, or may just need some advice on your position, speaking to one of our solicitors who understand the ever changing employment arena and is up to date with new legal developments is the quickest way to get reassurance and practical advice about your options.

Our team can advise on the full range of employment services for both employees and employers and includes drafting and advising on:-

  • Pay and unlawful deductions.
  • Grievance and Disciplinary Hearings.
  • Working hours and conditions.
  • Discrimination – sex, race, disability, age.
  • Maternity and Paternity rights.
  • Redundancy (individual and collective).
  • Compromise Agreements.
  • Service Agreements.
  • Staff Handbooks.
  • Time off and Holidays.
  • Sickness Absences.
  • Flexible Working.
  • Employment Tribunal matters.
  • Deeds of Retirement (Partnerships)
  • Transfer of Undertakings (“TUPE”).
  • Employment Tribunal claims.

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